Live streaming of services can be setup very quickly. This article gives an overview, with links to more details on each option if needed. 

The solution, which has been tested at several chapels now, takes into account members of the congregation who have no internet access, but can listen by telephone.

There are 2 parts:

  • Zoom
  • Mixlr

Small chapels may only need Zoom.


This connects users together like a conference call. 

Users can connect using either:

  • A telephone.
  • A smartphone.
  • A computer.

It requires one person with a computer to start the meeting a few minutes before the service, and finish it at the end.

For a small congregation, Zoom alone may be adequate.


This can broadcast to anybody on the internet who has a computer or smartphone, and knows the link to connect. It can reach a large number of participants at low cost. Suitable for larger congregations.

If the chapel has a website, the "player" can be embedded in the website, so listeners can listen from the chapel website by clicking the play button.

Which to use

If a chapel has a congregation where everybody has internet access, and the pastor, or minister will take the whole service, then Mixlr could be used alone.

Chapels needing the option for some users (or the minister) to connect by telephone, or wishing a deacon to announce hymns, or someone to play an organ at another from another home, will need to use Zoom.

Chapels with larger congregations may need to use both together.

How to setup and use Zoom alone.

How to setup Mixlr.