Initial Setup

This article is intended for the person  who will run the meeting.

1. Create an account with Zoom: Requires Pro account as free has 40-minute call limit -

2. Set-up a few basic settings

  • Logon to the Zoom web portal at
  • Below Admin,  Expand Account Management -->  Account settings


There are many settings on this page - the following are recommended (you can leave others settings as they are)

  • Host Video – off
  • Participants Video – off
  • Audio Type – Telephone and Computer Audio
  • Join Before Host - off
  • Mute Participants on Entry - ON
  • Chat – turn off  (will turn several others related features off too)
  • Feedback to Zoom – off
  • Screen sharing – off  (turns off several other related features too)
  • Allow removed participants to rejoin – off
  • Show a "Join from your browser" link - ON

Note there is no "Save" button - all settings are instantly saved as they are changed.

3. Setup Personal Meeting settings

Below Personal,  Click Meetings,  then Personal Meeting Room

To change any settings on this page, you need to click the "Edit this meeting" button at the bottom, make the changes, then click the Save button.

Create a meeting passcode.  

For people joining from a Zoom app, you must have either a passcode, or use the "Waiting Room". Using the Waiting Room means the Host needs to be alert to people joining, and allow them in. This is less convenient, especially if somebody get disconnected and tries to re-join during a service.

For people joining by telephone you can have either no passcode, or a separate passcode (which will need to be numeric so they can enter the passcode on their telephone keypad). The two passcodes can be the same (providing both are purely numeric).

Near the bottom of the page the following options should be set as follows.

  • Enable Join before Host - off
  • Mute Participants upon entry - ON
  • Enable Waiting Room - off
  • Only Authenticated users can join - off
  • Record the meeting automatically - off (unless you wish to record it)

4. Download the zoom client from

Starting a service

Note: If using a Windows Computer, ensure it is turned on in good time - to allow for any unexpected Windows Updates to install before you need to use it.

1. Open the 'Zoom' app on your computer.  (Click on the start button and then start typing Start Zoom - Click on the start Zoom Icon).

You will be invited to test your audio. 

You are recommended to test. (Nobody else will be able to hear you doing this.) This is particularly important if you are contributing to the service.

Once you have tested the audio, click "Join with Computer Audio"

If, like most, you do not want video enabled: 

  • Click on the drop down arrow below the orange New Meeting button, 
  • Ensure "start with Video" is unticked.
  • Ensure "Use my personal meeting ID" is ticked
  • Click again on the dropdown arrow. The orange button should now look as above with a line through it.

Click on Orange button above 'New Meeting'

A new meeting will start, and you'll see the meeting screen, with your personal details.

Immediately after starting the meeting, 

  • If you are a meeting controller, but will not be contributing, mute your own microphone (bottom left of window)
  • Click on "Participants" at the bottom, and then at bottom right drop down the "More" button and untick "Allow participants to unmute themselves"
    Ensure "Mute Participants on Entry" is ticked.
    Untick "Put Participants in Waiting Room on entry"
  • Click on "More" again to apply changes.

This prevents unwanted noises if somebody joins before the service starts and does not realize everybody else could hear them.

If you are waiting for the minister to join, you will see them appear below your entry on the upper right list of participants.

When they appear, you know they are connected, but they will be muted. Hover over the button to the right of their name, and click unmute.

Anybody joining from a smartphone or computer will be requested to enter their name before joining, and that is what will appear here.

Anybody joining by telephone will display their phone number (unless they withhold it). It important that you can identify any who will be contributing.

If you are controlling a meeting with more than one contributor, you will need to ensure that other contributors are unmuted as and when required.

At the end of the service, end the meeting by clicking on the End then End Meeting for All (bottom right).