Initial Setup

1. Create an account with Mixlr. 

You may require a 'Premium Plus' ($19.99/month) account to get more than 3 hours streaming per day  -   

You can broadcast on Mixlr either from a computer, or a smartphone. Below are detailed instructions for using a computer.

Download and install the Mixlr app - computer version can be downloaded from the above screen.

Click Install when asked "Would you like to install this device software?"

Open the 'Mixlr' app on your computer. 

(Click on the start button and then start typing Mixlr - Click on the Mixlr Icon).

Login with your account.

Do the sound check to check your microphone and speakers are working correctly.

Starting a Broadcast

Open the 'Mixlr' app on your computer. 

Logon if necessary (it will normally remember your settings from last time.)

Assuming you will be speaking during the service, under the '1 Mic' slider, select your microphone.

Without starting a broadcast, you should see the dots above the first microphone move up and down as you speak.

If you are using Zoom so other(s) can contribute, follow this short indented section, otherwise skip to When you're ready to start the service,

Zoom needs to be running on the same computer as Mixlr to join them. 

If one or more other people will be contributing during the service - e.g. a deacon and an organist, under the '2 Any Input' slider, select the source as the  loopback option for your speakers (this should match with the output set in Zoom.) and Channels 1 and 2 (if available)

Your options will differ, and you will probably have less than this:

This means the sound coming from Zoom will be fed back into Mixlr (you will still be able to hear it on your computer speakers or headphones)

Make sure the sliders are set at default (about 80% up - there is tick mark when you slide them, and they will jump to the mark if you get close).

When you're ready to start the service,

Click on 'Start' (You probably want to do this a few minutes before the service actually starts to make sure everything is working properly.) Ignore the playlist.

Note that people listening to the broadcast will hear the sound about 10 seconds after the sound goes in.

At the end of the service, click on 'Stop'.

You will prompted to confirm that you want to stop the broadcast, and whether you would like to view the recording. 

The service is recorded on your computer automatically as a mp3 file. If you do not want the recordings you can delete them.

Normally this is the folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\mixlr\Mixlr\Recordings

It is possible to publish recordings on Mixlr - this will not happen unless you choose to do so.