This needs to be done at the start of every Zoom meeting, by the host

Unfortunately, Zoom seems to default to unmuting every participant in a meeting, even if you have changed this setting in your account online. So, every time you start a meeting, you will need to go through this procedure to mute everyone that joins by default.

1. Start a meeting

Start the zoom client, and hit the orange 'New meeting' button to start a new meeting:

Join with computer audio in the usual way:

so that you should then be seeing the meeting window as below:

2. Click 'Manage Participants' at the bottom of the screen (move your mouse over the Zoom window to make the menu visible)

The window will extend displaying a list of participants to the right hand side. Click on the 'More V' in the bottom right hand corner to display a menu:

3. Click 'Mute Participants on Entry' - if it is not already ticked

(If it is already ticked, don't click it but make sure that the 'Allow participants to unmute themselves' option underneath is NOT ticked. If it is, click it to untick this feature. Your meeting is now ready and you can go to step 5). 

If you clicked 'Mute Participants on Entry' the following window will display:

4. Untick 'Allow participants to Unmute Themselves', then press 'Continue'

Your meeting is now ready for others to join

5. Unmute the minister

From the participant list on the right hand side, identify the minister from their name or phone number, hover the mouse over their name and click 'unmute'. The red diagonal line through the microphone will disappear when they are unmuted. If necessary you can unmute a deacon in the same way.