These changes are now live (4th April), so you can go ahead and make these changes before the 5th.

What are the changes?

1. By default, all people joining will go into the "Waiting Room" until admitted by the meeting host.

2. All Zoom meetings must have a password, and all people who will join the meeting will need to know the password.

We suggest that you:

A. Turn off the Waiting Room feature

B. Set a memorable password that doesn't change at each meeting

A. Disabling the Waiting Room feature

There are two places where this needs to be done.

  1. Logon to the Zoom web portal at

  2. Below 'ADMIN', Click 'Account Management' to expand it, then click 'Account Settings'

  3. Click 'In meeting (Advanced)'

  4. Scroll down to 'Waiting Room', then disable it by clicking the toggle switch on the right of it so that it looks like this:

5. Scroll back up to the top of the screen, and, under Personal click Settings

6. Click In meeting (Advanced) and scroll down again to Waiting Room, then disable it as above

7. Your waiting room is now disabled.

B. Setting a permanent password

  1. Logon to the Zoom web portal at

  2. Below Personal,  Click Settings

  3. Scroll down gently to Require a password for Personal Meeting ID (PMI). This setting is now enabled and cannot be turned off. However, there is a password displayed just underneath it, and you can change the password to a more memorable one as follows:

  4. Click the little pen icon: to the right of the password, and type a numeric password in the text box. (It needs to be numeric so that phone participants can use it). Click save.

  5. You will need to give the password to everyone that wants to use Zoom to listen in.