Creating a Zoom account.

Before using Zoom to host a meeting from a computer or smart phone, you need to create a Zoom account, as follows:

[You do not need to have an account to join a meeting hosted by somebody else]

1. Go to and click on: blue "Sign Up, It's Free" Button.

2. Enter your date of birth then CONTINUE.

3. Enter your email address then Signup

4. Zoom will send you an email. This will have a link "Activate Account". You need to click on this link, which will open a web page like this:     Fill it in and Continue

5. The next page "Invite Your Colleagues" does not need to be filled in - just click "Skip this step"

6. The next page "Start your test meeting"  - just click "Go to my account"

Your account is now setup, and you can close the browser window.