Zoom are implementing changes on 30th May.

Originally they were going to make a lot more changes, but many of those have now been postponed. However, some remain. 

These are the important points you need to be aware of:

1) You will need to be using version 5 of the Zoom application.

If you are not then the first time you use it after that date, you will have to wait for it to download version 5, and install it before continuing. 

Recommendation: Update to latest available version of Zoom, (version 5.0.4 as at 26 May)  and ensure everybody else does the same.

See separate article Updating Zoom

2) What is new in the Windows App?

Most of the changes have been aimed at counteracting the criticism Zoom received about the security of meetings.


An important change was introduced on 23 May, which only works properly when everybody is using Zoom version 5.0.3. or newer. When some participants updated, and others are not, the effect can be confusing.

When a host tries to unmute a participant, firstly they see "Ask to Unmute" instead of "Unmute":

and after clicking it the participant will see:

and unless the participant clicks on Unmute, they remain muted.

It is important that speakers are expecting this to appear, and are prepared to click unmute before they start speaking.


All communication between participants in now encrypted, so should be impossible for anyone to intercept your communications as it travels over the internet. That on its own is a change that will make no difference to users.


The most significant visible change is the bottom toolbar.

For the person hosting the meeting, it now has a "Security" button. Hopefully you will not need to use it much, but you need to be aware of it.

Clicking on it will reveal a number of options

  • Lock the meeting - Prevent anyone else from joining.
  • Enable / disable the waiting room. (Waiting room means all people joining have to wait until you admit them)
  • Turn on or off permissions for participants to:
    • Share their screen 
    • Chat (If you have it enabled)
    • Rename themselves
  • Remove a participant
  • Report a user to Zoom 

Note: The "Unmute all" button has been removed, as all participants need to allow you to unmute them.